(14 September 1950 19 March 1976)

Words for Paul
Twice in late 1975 the life of David Kossoff's younger son Paul,
25, was saved by the skill of young doctors.  In thanksgiving to
their skill 'and the Almighty, who helped also', Kossoff
made a decision to give performances of his two famous one-man
shows 'without fee, for charity, throughout 1976'.  It was
announced and the response was enormous.  The selection was
careful and by early March the tours were organised.
  On 19th March, 1976, Paul Kossoff died.  'In America, far
from us, but peacefully, without pain, and among friends.' 
The performances were done as a memorial: 'To a nice young
man - and one of the best blues guitarists in the world'.
BBC-TVs Programme about the year called 'David and Paul'
used one of David Kossoff's moving 'Words for Paul'.  Many people
asked for a copy of the words.  They follow, with two other pieces.
David Kossoff R.I.P
from page 87 of You Have a minute Lord